Vacation Bible School 2016


Gianna “Guava” Reinders

Summer Senior Resource Staff Member

Home Church: Knox Presbyterian, Meaford
School: B.Sc from the University of Waterloo; Currently in my second year of the Midwifery Education Program at McMaster University
Experience at Camp Kintail: Previously worked at Camp Kintail for 5 years from 2008-2012, followed by 2 years working at Cairn Camps, our sister camp in Baysville, Ontario
Interests: Baking, singing in my car, reminiscing with friends and family
Favourite thing at Camp Kintail: The cabin path

This year’s VBS will be held from Monday August 8 through Friday August 12. We’ve got a full roster of children signed up and we look forward to another year of fun, food, and learning all about our faith in Jesus.
Kintail-On-The-Road – Daily Guide

Each day campers spend time in FLASH (Faith, Learning, and Sharing) where they learn a new Bible story each day. We adapt a curriculum developed by an ecumenical group specifically for outdoor ministry from Chalice Press called Inside Out. There are Presbyterians on the design team and the writing team. Theresa is part of the team that theologically and educationally reviews the curriculum each year.

Monday Guide – Together, The Courage to Show Up

Genesis 12:1-8 (Abram is called)
Campers will know that they are connected to one another just by showing up. WE trust that they will find this church to be a place where they are valued and accepted for who they are.

Tuesday Guide – Together, The Courage to Forgive

Planned visit with Halton Police Services
Genesis 45:1-15 (Joseph forgives his brothers)
Campers will experience the transformative power of forgiveness in relationships and explore giving and receiving grace. They will discover that grace is communal.

Wednesday Guide – Together, The Courage to Stand

Planned visit with Burlington Fire Department (Station #6)
Daniel 3 (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
Campers will find confidence in community and discover the impact of communal worship.

Thursday Guide – Together, The Courage to Do Justice

Planned Water fun and Crazy Hair Day
Esther 4 (Esther defends God’s people)
Campers will understand that our choices can have positive effects on the community. They will be asked to identify and address injustice and expand their understanding of community to a global scale.

Friday Guide – Together, The Courage to Change

Acts 10 (Peter and Cornelius)
Campers will learn that community adapts to change from inside and outside. They will notice that change in inevitable and that we need to celebrate and share change.

Closing Worship – Together, The Courage to Connect

Matthew 28 (Resurrection & Great Commission)
Campers will learn to invite others into a community of faith and to understand the value of belonging to a community throughout the year.