The Law - What's that about
Not Feeling Well

If you know someone in our congregation that is not feeling well,
in hospital, or could use a visit from myself or an elder, please let me
know. Call me directly, call the office (905-637-5155), or send me an
email (

I'd much rather be told several times about a need than not told at all.
Your prayers and information make a real difference!

We have a number of people in our BEPC family who are dealing with lots of physical
health issues right now. Many of them are not known by everyone,
but those needs are still very real. Prayer, your prayers, really make a difference.
Please spend some time today in prayer for those
who are dealing with physical health issues in our congregation.
Every Sunday following our worship service, we join together downstairs in the
Douglas Hall for a time of conversation and snacks. If you are a visitor to BEPC you
are very welcomed to join us for this wonderful time of fellowship. If you are a regular
attender, make sure to personally invite our visitors for a coffee. You could ask a guest
to sit at your table and introduce everyone. A personal invitation makes all the difference.